About the Union Civil Service Board

The Union Civil Service Board Law has already been prescribed on 29 th November, 2010 in accordance with the section 443 of 2008 constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar under the section 24/2010 of the State Peace and Development Council Law. Also the Union Civil Service Board is well organized in pursuance of 1977 Civil Service Selection and Training Board Law. It should be organized with one Chairman and (4) Members minimum and (6) Members maximum and duties and responsibilities of the Board have been prescribed in the chapter (3) of the Board Law. The Board is also government organization representing and actively participating in the ASEAN Conference on Civil Service Matters (ACCSM).


Background History of the Union Civil Service Board

Since Myanmar has been existed as a country with its own sovereignty over 2000 years ago, there had been categorized into two administrative systems such as Nay Pyi Taw (Central level) and regional level definitely in order to be able to appoint personnel efficient in martial arts, intelligence, bravery and diligence through standards of selection system, and there in Central administrative system, it had been organized with Hluttaw, Courts and Offices in the later time of reigns of Myanmar kings of Koneboung dynasty.


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